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When you vote, you voluntarily share certain data including your email address

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Repeated Votes will be not be counted:
Along with the Voter ID, the voting engine automatically capture other unique parameters of the voter’s system (IP address Inclusive).
  1. Voter ID: Persons casting votes must have an email address, and publicly varied social media profile
  2. Vote Invalidation: During collation of votes, vote (or votes) seen to be repeated will be invalidated and will NOT be counted
  3. Vote Ratification: Votes will be collated and ratified by the independent panel of judges
  4. Vote Scale: Vote counted will be computed as 20% scale of the overall assessment score for each nominee
  5. Vote Outcomes: The result of votes shall be presented at the Award Grand Event taking place March 10
  6. Vote arbitrations: Vote arbitrations shall not be received from the members of the public or any proxy acting on behalf of an award nominees

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