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Our conferences and award program are multi-brand exhibition opportunities where international and regional tech experts provide insight about future technologies


We bring together leading minds, entrepreneurs and innovators from the digital value chain to foster new business opportunities and facilitate valuable connections

For our awards and conferences, here are the package you enjoy:

  1. Announcement of your organization as an Award Category/Award Plaque Sponsor
  2. Speaking Slot, Presentation during live event
  3. Logo to be featured on lanyards on attendees’ necks
  4. Corporate Video to be played during lunch & net-working sessions
  5. Logo to be featured on event presentation, in and around staging area
  6. Panelist/Moderator in one of the sessions
  7. Collateral insertion into delegates’ bag
  8. Logo to be featured on signage and banners dis-played in the reception at the event
  9. Logo on Event Website
  10. Branding in Newsletter and on Young CISO Chronicles
  11. Mention in Press Release – Pre & Post
  12. Social Media Recognition

We organize conferences and world class events for the purpose of providing business facilitation for emerging markets

The Young CISO network give considerable attention to inspiring young professionals for organizational and community service.

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