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We prepare you for the careers of tomorrow   

Young CISO and its affiliate network seeks to make the most advance skills accessible through mentor-led online courses. We are creating lifelong bonds between learners and mentor. This relationship has proved critical for career advancement  

Our Learning Approach

  1. The ideal learning experience should be designed to fit for purpose: We believe each student is unique, so are their learning needs.
  2. We believe that learning should prepare us for the work place: working on real life projects under the guidance of industry experts/mentor is one of the best ways to learn
  3. Enrollment in a learning program is no longer a one-time investment: Continual learning gives us an unprecedented opportunity at career advancement
  4. Learn at Your Pace: Being able to study on one’s own time with personalized guidance leads to the best learning outcomes.

With Internship cohorts running monthly, your learning fits your schedule

If you’re a prospective student, we’re excited to help you achieve your dreams. If you’re thinking of joining us, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Do you know an individual
who has displayed extraordinary initiative?

The Young CISO network give considerable attention to inspiring young professionals for organizational and community service.

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