About the Conference

Cyber Resilience Conference | BY INVITATION ONLY

Cyber Resilience Conference is an event comprising of ‘invitation-only’ confluence of C-level Executives. During the session participants learn and engage with some of the Africa’s renowned technology thought-leaders, subject matter experts and technology innovators in a business focus, constructive, and open-dialogue environment

Conference Theme

Safeguarding the African
Digital Enterprise

Cyber transformation has brought about the new digital enterprise thus creating value across the global supply chain

The conference aims to promote the following
  1. Agile Business Recovery. Promoting an agenda for business resilience, and agile recovery of infrastructures and operations that powers the digital enterprise
  2. Infrastructure availability. Availability of technology, and infrastructure that support the digital business and sustained last mile access to digital channels
  3. Cyber Incident Preparedness. Promoting a state of preparedness for the African Digital Enterprise against cyber-breaches & business disruption owing to cyber-attack.
  4. Governance & Risk Management. Prompting effective governance, risk management and compliance around global cyber resilient frameworks and standards
  5. Awareness and Capacity Improvement. Promoting inclusiveness, and skill acquisition. Optimizing cyber work force capability, and improving cyber related skills to reduce the adverse impact of cyber attack

The Young CISO network give considerable attention to inspiring young professionals for organizational and community service.

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